Why Retail?

Despite all of the issues and challenges surrounding the design and construction of retail buildings, there is still a major reason why a sustainable net zero energy study should use retail buildings as the archetype. The one thing that retail buildings have in abundance that makes them the ideal testing ground for new technologies or procedures is potential.

  • There is potential for a single building to become an iconic showpiece for the industry for what is possible given the cost and timeline constraints present.
  • There is potential for large scale adoption of energy conservation techniques through nationwide chains developing improved prototypes.
  • There is potential to take one of the biggest energy users in the industry and introduce a cost effective strategy to not only save overall energy, but
    potentially develop a new revenue stream as well.

With so much room to grow, retail is the ideal showcase for new technologies and new techniques to grow the industry from the bottom up. The following section will describe five design scenarios and compare them from both the included technologies and net zero cost implication perspectives.