Retail as an Archetype Building

In order to properly compare different building improvements, several characteristics must remain constant across all scenarios. Since most of the equipment, internal loads and envelope performance change between scenarios, the remaining characteristics, although still important, remain broad in scope. What follows are the remaining constants:

  • The prototype retail building is a single storey, single function building, similar to a typical full service drug store. It is located in Cambridge, Ontario.
  • All walls are 4.57 m (15 ft), before parapets, with window to wall ratios for the front, side and rear fa├žades at 50%, 10% and 0% respectively.
  • It is oriented so the main entrance and the majority of the windows face south.
  • The total floor area is 600 m² with two main space usages; general retail at 500 m² and warehouse/storage at 100 m².

Shown below is a rendering of the building as modelled in the energy modelling software. Note that although skylights are shown, they are not present in all scenarios that will be discussed.

Figure 2: eQuest Model View