Design: CN-SBS Retail Building

NOTE: Final analysis and refinements are on-going. Check back to the site to see any progress and changes made while the project continues.


The Carbon Neutral Steel Building System (CN-SBS) Retail building combines low-energy and passive design strategies to reduce operating energy needs to a point that an on-site renewable energy array is able to meet the energy demands. The design also addresses and makes use of the beneficial aspects of Steel Building Systems to reduce the carbon emissions associated with material use, manufacture, construction, maintenance and disassembly. The design is directly informed by the research and literature review into the relationship between the energy and carbon embodied in materials and the energy and carbon resulting from building energy use.

Sited in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, the CN-SBS is designed to achieve a holistic carbon neutral target, meaning that the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from energy use (operating energy) and material use (embodied energy) are completely mitigated.