Analysis: CN-SBS Retail Building

The CN-SBS Research Project will be conducting an analysis of the schematic carbon neutral steel retail building including:

  1. Initial embodied energy of the steel structural system.
  2. Life-cycle embodied energy (approach, diagramme, and calculations). How does the embodied energy of the building change over multiple life-cycles of construction, use, and recycling/re-use?
  3. Basic energy modeling of the building to verify operational energy demands.
  4. How does the schematic carbon neutral steel retail building fit in with existing Green Building Protocols?

The research project will also be examining other closed-loop recycled products (such as Interface/Shaw carpets, Tecknion furniture, Firestone roofing) to investigate how a similar methodology to recycling/re-use can be applied to steel buildings.

Initial Rendering version 1.0 - View from the northeast corner.