Phase 4 of the CN-SBS project involves conducting energy modelling on an existing Home Hardware facility located in Ingersoll as a baseline and with upgrades to a net zero building.

To move forward with recommendations for improvements and strategies to achieve a net zero facility, the current building and operations were reviewed. To gain an understanding of the current facility the following background information was collected:

  • Utility bills for the previous two years
  • Most recent facility drawings mechanical, electrical, architectural
  • Building construction costs,
  • Energy related maintenance costs (e.g. HVAC maintenance, light bulb replacements, etc.)

In addition to reviewing the documentation provided, MMM Group visited the current building to review the current operations and schedules with the owner. A walk through of the building was also conducted gain an understanding of building systems and the associated operational characteristics. During this visit, specific noticeable energy items in the operation for “process” energy consumption were noted and the operation discussed with the owner/operator.

In conjunction with the site visit, the utility bills for the previous two years were analyzed along with the most recent facility drawings available. The drawings were used to determine building design factors contributing to energy use. Through the site visit and the document review the floor area, occupancy, and space usage were verified for the factors that affect energy.

Using the information collected the proposed energy modelling assumptions were developed. These assumptions have been included in Appendix A of this report. The results of Phase 2 of the CN-SBS research project were reviewed and the upgrades to create the net zero options were selected and the energy baseline updated to include the selected measures.

A financial analysis of the two upgrades was also conducted to identify the optimal solution from a financial perspective.