Energy Analysis and Results

The approach to reducing the energy consumption of a building starts with conservation before considering more efficient energy production and/or procurement. The best energy saved is the energy that is not required in the first place. To create a net zero retail building the energy efficiency measures below need to be addressed in the following order:

  • Reduce energy demand. Approach by assessing lighting and building enclosure requirements and responding by increasing R-values, utilizing high performance windows, choosing lighting levels appropriately, etc.
  • More efficient energy delivery. Address through consideration of alternative ventilation systems and increasing daylighting into the building.
  • More efficient energy conversion. Consider higher efficiency rooftop units, condensing equipment where applicable or changing from rooftop units to more efficient HVAC systems (e.g. variable refrigerant flow).
  • On-site energy generation. Assess feasibility of roof or parking lot mounted solar electric panels.
  • Off-site energy. Consider the purchasing of green power.